Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keep it pure

(via the pursuit of happyness)


  1. WOW!! It's beautiful! I agree with everything here :) And by the way, beautiful handwriting! Hugs and kisses to you my dear friend!

  2. This is soo beautiful! I really love this quote and your handwriting is gorgeous! Wish i could write as beautiful as you do. :) You have such a lovely blog with inspirational photos! Glad i found you today. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!


  3. First of all Thank you Afi, Thank you Jacqueline! :)
    I posted this little quote just before San Valentin's Day.It's is a beautiful handwriting, it's a shame that is not mine. I also wish I could write like that.I'm a bad blogger, I forgot to put the source. Please take a look at the blog from where I took it and forgive my mistake!
    Thanks again. :)
    Good Luck!!