Saturday, July 4, 2009


Ok. I didn't believe in any of those pages (Hi5, Facebook,Twitter, etc.),.............
Here's the story on how I changed my mind:
My mom got an invitation from my aunt "Mariana" to be part of Facebook and I suppose, that way share some photos.But days before, my mom was asking all the time about how those pages work. I only knew you could upload photos, get in touch with -friends- and make some comments. So I told her : "You know what !! I'm doing you a Facebook!" ( I said to myself: "Yeah, it should be easy to make a new account and to understand how it works." )
But neither of us expected to find an old friend.......
We met Jen in Toronto. I was 12, and I'm sad to confess that I don't remember much.But I do remember about her! She invited us to see a Shakespeare play outdoors. I remember I wrote her a note, she gave me art material (to make a bracelet) and that she lived and worked in Loretto.The thing I remember the most, is that she was always helping us,like with an address, phone calls, how to get somewhere..... and that she was a really nice person. Later, she send us a postcard from Australia. Sadly, we got it on rain season, so we couldn't read any of what she had written, only our address.We did a research through the internet, but apparently we are not good seekers. Looking our trip stuff, I managed to read her address and we send her a Mexican postcard. And here's were the amazing thing happend.
I created my mom's Facebook and suddenly the page announce that a girl named Jen had my mom as a friend!!! We were like: "Is it the same Jen ???, could it be??"So we double clicked and...... there she was!
Really, I can't believe it! I like to think that it was meant to be like that.I'm really glad we had the chance to get in touch with her again. :)
I have this theory, my mom had that same email back in 2002, and Jen still had it. With time, mom just forgot about that mail. And now with me, posting and following great things, she made it again.
Then I created my Facebook.

A Midsummer Night's Dream play outdoors



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